The missing pi_ce of your online presence

Extend the reach of your business by inviting your clients on a virtual tour inside your business

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How your clients find you online

  • 44% of them will reach for a search engine for your address information.

  • 41% of those searches will end up in an on-site visit.

  • 2 clients out of 3 will consult the info and photos on your listing before visiting.

The keyword is not the key wordYour listing is the true abc of online presence

Clients turn to search engines and social networks during the exploration phase, then look on Google Maps before making an informed decision about your company.

  • Improve your reputation faster

    Buyers can be hesitant at purchasing from local stores that have an incomplete profile or lack updated photos of the establishment.

  • Capitalize on local buyers' intent

    Display valuable and up to date information for buyers when looking to purchase your products and or services near them.

  • Generate customer interest easily

    Before turning to local buying, 9 out of 10 customers will start on a search engine. 7 of them are looking for opening hours to be easily found.

Become more attractive to buyers

  • More quality

    Your image is your best asset. Our objective is to present it under its best light.

  • More results

    Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to entice interest online.

  • More trust

    C360HD is a Canadian agency certified by Google for its virtual imagery.

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Our realizations

We've had the opportunity to work with local businesses of diverse sizes to help them enhance the efficiency of their listings. Whatever may be your industry, your company will benefit from an increased online presence following the publication of a virtual tour on your profile.

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